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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include both on-site and off-site.

On-site SEO is geared towards creating fresh, professional content on your website. This includes writing blogs at various frequencies depending on the client requirements. In addition to blogs we will incorporate a content distribution strategy through various social and media channels.

In addition to traditional on-site optimization, we also have begun offering ADA compliance, the importance of which is discussed in this blog post. Having your website meet ADA federal regulations is key to make sure everyone can read and interact with your website no matter what disability, but ADA compliance also offers a great SEO benefit as well since Google and other search engines rank ADA compliant websites higher.

Search engines are starting to pay more attention to “compliance rates” of websites. Just like in the past everyone scrambled to make their sites mobile friendly, out of fear of Google dropping them to page 200. The SERPs are starting to become more and more reflective of sites that are ADA compliant. So for the sake of your own readers and users of your site, and the god of internet traffic (Google) make sure your site is ADA compliant.

Off-site SEO focuses on creating a strong presence for the site in other reputable places online. This isn’t just old school, black hat link building, but an involved process that takes a quality over quantity approach.

The search engines really look for fresh, quality content to move your site up in their ranking algorithm and that takes a professional, experienced approach which we strive for. Please contact us below to discuss all of our services and pricing:

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