Search Engine Marketing

Typically we refer to “pay per click” as a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), meaning the paid ads at the top of a search engine results page. This type of a paid ad campaign is one of the most effective ways to drive leads and ultimately revenue through your website. Since with SEM, you are only paying when someone who is in your business service area, is searching for your industry in that exact moment, the odds of getting that person to fill out a form or call you directly to schedule a meeting go through the roof, compared to any other type of display ad campaigns.

The trick is working with someone who has enough SEM experience to know what the proper budget should be and how to cost effectively manage and optimize the campaign. Many businesses do not have the ability to have someone on staff who manages their SEM or other PPC campaigns and update them more than once a month or even once a quarter. If your campaign has too low of a budget, your ads wont be able to compete with some of the other players in your space and your money is effectively wasted. Also if you spend too much, your ads have to serve outside your service area and to people who do not fit the best profile for a potential customer.

PMA has over 10 years experience buying, selling and managing SEM campaigns. We have effectively managed campaigns with small monthly budgets all the way up to 6 figures per month. To find out more and see how we could help your business the most, contact us today.

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