Social Media Management & Consulting

At PMA we have 10+ years experience consulting and managing social media profiles for businesses in a myriad of industries. Facebook uses information provided by its customers to put together an advertising database that let’s you target people on an incredibly granular level.

Google Analytics Management

We work with you to walk through your site as it exists today, we will make recommendations for improvement based on this information and execute. When it comes to monitoring digital ad campaigns we walk through the entire process with you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engines really look for fresh, quality content to move your site up in their ranking algorithm and that takes a professional, experienced approach which we strive for. Quality SEO services have been the cornerstone of our business from the beginning.

Digital Advertising / Agency Services

As with any advertising campaign the placement of media can be a very complicated, yet very important function. The placement of digital media is no exception and in many cases is much more complicated than traditional ad buys.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Many businesses do not have the ability to have someone on staff who manages their SEM campaigns and update them more than once a month or even once a quarter. If your campaign has too low of a budget, your ads wont be able to compete with some of the other players in your space and your money is effectively wasted. Our consulting services can help fix that.