Digital Advertising / Milwaukee Ad Agency

As with any digital advertising campaign the placement of media can be a very complicated, yet very important function. The placement of digital media is no exception and in many cases is much more complicated than traditional ad buys. With experience buying and selling digital ads for over 10 years, Prestige Marketing Advisors have an in depth understanding of what the publishers are truly offering and how to best leverage the available data sources better than another typical digital ad agency.

In today’s digital media landscape the things you have to know and be an expert in are constantly changing and evolving. Only a few years ago you could run a display ad campaign and the only data you would get back from the salesperson is a report on click through rate. In the past that was a good metric to judge an ad campaign’s success, because it was the only metric. Now there are nearly unlimited metrics and data sets to judge a campaign performance. PMA will help you cut through the noise both before purchasing a campaign and understand what truly happens during and after your campaign ends. This along with our Google Analytics Management service is something that your business can not afford to be without.

We cover every aspect of the digital advertising process. We’ll meet with potential publishers and media salespeople along with you, or as your agent so you don’t have to. We will analyze the various options and make sound recommendations and establish clear guidelines and KPIs with your publishing partners. Through analytics tools we will monitor the campaign live throughout its flight dates and provide analysis along the way. We will then provide final campaign analysis to make it  clear where the campaign succeeded and where it could be improved. This service can be offered as a part of a monthly management fee or as a traditional agency model depending on the size and scope of the campaign. Contact us today to find out how we can assist.