Paralysis by Data Analysis

Apr 16, 2024By John Parrish

We are currently being overrun with data and data companies. You can buy IP targeted lists of 27 year olds who can get dental insurance at work but have chosen not to. You also can monitor every aspect of that group who saw an ad. While data is great, more often than not we hear business owners tell us it’s confusing. They also have no idea how it helps their business.

Unfortunately the digital marketing space is full of companies all too happy to shove a report in their clients’ faces. Then explain nothing, leave an invoice and say “you’re welcome.” Data and reports are great but if not properly explained or tied into a business purpose, it’s not helping anyone.

Analytics Tools
One of the best tools in the game today is Google Analytics. This tool is free and ties into the backend of your website. It can tell you almost anything you could possibly want to know about the traffic on your site. However, if no one works with you on what these reports mean it becomes pointless.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them understand their analytics. We’ll meet monthly or even weekly depending on our clients’ preference. In these meetings a simple understanding and discussion about what happened in your site since last time, what type of traffic or ad campaign is driving the most leads, and we develop a strategy on getting more of that traffic immediately.

It sounds like a simple process and a novel concept, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the business owner reading this has never had one of those worthwhile meetings but has shelled out a lot of money to media/website companies who could have.

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