ADA Website Compliance

As we mentioned on our page about our SEO services ADA compliance is something that has been a growing issue and something that web developers and owners of websites have to come to terms with. A couple of quick refreshers if you haven’t seen our other blog posts about ADA Compliance.

What is ADA Website Compliance
This refers to the process of making your website accessible for people with certain disabilities covered under federal law.

The rules laid out to be considered compliant have to do with some of the following things:Making sure the text is readable compared to the background color.

Making sure images have been tagged so visually impaired people can have image descriptions read to them
Making sure the site is navigable by other methods besides a mouse

So What Does This Mean?
If any of these things sound familiar to you it’s because some of these have been the cornerstone of on-site SEO for years. So there are really two reasons why you should pay attention to ADA compliance when it comes to websites. First it’s to make sure that federal guidelines are followed. In the past some companies have been sued for not following these rules and refusing to fix it.

The second reason why this is something that you have to pay attention to, is search engines are starting to pay more attention to “compliance rates” of websites. Just like in the past everyone scrambled to make their sites mobile friendly, out of fear of Google dropping them to page 200.

The SERPs are starting to become more and more reflective of sites that are ADA compliant. So for the sake of your own readers and users of your site, and the god of internet traffic (Google) make sure your site is ADA compliant.

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