Short Message Service (SMS) is the most common type of text messaging in the world today. SMS Marketing is utilizing the messaging services most people use as a way to get your brands information / offers in front of your target audience. This medium has been used for quite a while, but as is the case with most digital marketing, it has never been more accurate and data driven than today. There are certainly some drawbacks to Text or SMS marketing but some clear advantages as well. Let’s explore both:


  1. Engagement (the majority of people open every text they receive)
  2. Tracking (most major SMS marketing services can tell if your messages are read or not, how many times and if any call to action in the message has been performed)
  3. Cost (there is a relatively low point of entry)


  1. Creative (with only 160 characters per SMS message there isn’t a lot of opportunity to let your creatives really explore)
  2. Spam (it is relatively easy for people to mark your message as spam in most mobile environments)
  3. List (as with email marketing and direct mail before it, your campaign will only be as effective as the accuracy of your list)

As with any channel of digital marketing in 2019, there is nuance and experience needed to be effective in this type of campaign. At PMA we take great pride in successful SMS marketing campaigns being part of our toolkit to provide the best experience for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about getting started.

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