ADA Website Compliance in 2020 and SEO

ADA Website compliance had some very important moments in 2019. The results of the Domino’s case in the Supreme Court was one of those moments. This ruling reinforced the fact that ADA Website compliance in 2020 is here to stay.

Some of the main reasons to always make sure your website design is complete with ADA compliance has always been for SEO purposes. Major search engines (Google especially) have always adhered to many of the same requirements that ADA compliance did too, alt text on images is a big one. So it made sense to be in compliance with the ADA to make sure that your site didn’t suffer the wrath of the algorithms.

However, now that this court case has been settled and there is a precedent for businesses to lose in Federal court at the highest possible place, there is more of a liability reason to ensure compliance than ever before. Previously many sites wouldn’t be targets for lawsuits because they weren’t true public accommodation sites (threshold for many previous lawsuits) but that rationale had always needed to be tested by the courts and Domino’s gave America that test and proved that noncompliance could be considered actionable.

So ADA website compliance in 2020 will still be just as important from an SEO perceptive, but now your corporate attorney may be the one telling you to ensure you are indeed compliant this time. Not just your website company.

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