Web Design in 2020: User Experience

Just as in 2019 there are several areas of web design that aren’t any different. User Experience is one of those areas and we want to make sure that we’re on the same page. Read part one of this series first. Discussing web design in 2020 overall.

Mobile responsiveness

Making sure your site is mobile responsive is imperative. This simply means that your site will auto-fit whatever device you are using. When you design a new site most platforms and CMS will automatically make your site mobile responsive.

Convertible calls to action

Make sure that there is something for your customers to do when they are on your site. Play videos, read bios, but most importantly give them an opportunity to reach out to you and become a lead. Your website should be one of, if not your primary, lead generating device.

Write for the user not just search engines

A lot of new websites get too caught up in worrying about SEO and writing their content specifically for the search engines first. If you have good relevant content it will be something the search engines crawl and rank well regardless. You don’t need to keyword stuff your pages and re-write the same phrases over and over.

If your site needs a refresh or a brand new web design in 2020 contact Prestige Marketing Advisors and we’ll help get started right away. Some of our previous work is located with our testimonials page.

When it comes to web design we have staff that can work on all formats. At Prestige Marketing Advisors we are very flexible in the platforms that we use to design sites. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Magento and many others. We will compare and contrast advantages and disadvantages of each when creating a custom proposal for you.

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