PPC Trends in 2020 And Beyond

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing has been around in the digital works since almost the beginning of time, when Google came into existence and changed all of our lives forever. By far the most common type of PPC marketing was Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where marketers can buy ads at the top of search engine results pages that match the keyword or phrase someone searched. As with the rest of digital marketing this practice has evolved considerably and here are some of the top 3 things we’ve sen so far this year and will continue to see into the future.

Buying PPC Audiences not Words

As more and more audience data is put together you can start to leverage this in exchange for just buying keywords and not worrying about the person who is searching for that item in that moment. In the past we wouldn’t need to care all that much as long as someone wanted to search for that word/phrase at that moment. Who cares what they were like, this is no longer the case quite simply because we’ve gotten too smart and data collection is too powerful to ignore.

New PPC Ad Types

The same old same old text ads on Google just aren’t going to cut it anymore. With video, dynamic display ads and more, the type of ads marketers have access to will continue to improve and that will change the way we buy PPC because the better the ad the better the ROI we expect. Adapt or die.


With more and more sites offering sophisticated eCommerce options, the PPC market is taking advantage. Between Google’s local services solution, Bing’s local inventory ads, and Amazon’s sponsored product ads, there is no shortage to a buy direct model which significantly makes PPC more attractive. So marketers will have to take eCommerce into account as they make recommendations for their clients or the companies they work for and manage their marketing spend.

No matter what time of the year it is, digital marketing is changing and evolving. Partnering with a firm like ours keeps you ahead of the curve so you are in the best position possible. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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