A Blog in 2019: Their Reason for Being

In the ever-changing world of SEO or looking into starting a blog, one thing remains very consistent. As it is in real estate, there are three things you must take into account: content, content, content. In the old days (2012 in the digital marketing world) the black hats could try to get away with keyword stuffing (see below on some great articles about these practices) and you could find your way to the top of a Google results page.

However after Google inevitably caught up, there was hell to pay for those that did not pay attention. Sites disappeared, were de-indexed, SEO shops even had to shut down. The sites and marketing firms that rose from the ashes quickly realized what the search engines were telling them. We will only reward those that follow our rules, and the new number one rule is you must have fresh, relevant content on your website to perform.

This revolutionized the online marketing industry. Entire firms specializing in “content marketing” appeared out of no where. Folks gave it a shot on their own but they soon realized how time-consuming it can be to curate a blog and unless you have a specialty in digital marketing you really may be out of luck. However those that were able to figure it out have flourished.

When we work with new clients and help them build a new website or revamp a current one, I always make sure to include a blog. At first clients will look like a dear in the headlights but that’s ok. A blog doesn’t have to be a dissertation every day about the most nuanced intricacies of their industry. Just find an article you really like and write a paragraph or two about it.

Or find a partner like Prestige Marketing Advisors and we can assist you with content creation ourselves, or we can help put you on the right track to managing your content creation yourself. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing there is only one thing for certain, search engines will continue to require good content updated regularly to show up on page one. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you in your blog’s journey.

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