Blogging on a Budget, Part Deux

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, content marketing and blogging is an incredibly effective way to engage with your website viewers and to help attract new ones.

In today’s online world customers want to connect with the companies that they buy from. They want to know and hear from your voice directly. Writing a blog is almost as important today as having a Facebook page. And make no mistake, everyone has a blogging strategy. Not ever writing content is a decision and a strategy. I would not recommend that strategy as it essentially flies in the face of everyone who knows what we’re talking about.

Engagement with consumers is very important and can be a way to convert prospects, writing a blog is also a must to get any kind of decent on-site SEO results. Google and the other search engines have been telling us for a while that content is the most important thing they are looking for is content. Blogging is a great way to keep content on your site fresh and relevant.

However blogging can be very time consuming and unless you have an on hand copywriter it almost never gets done. Hiring content marketing firms can also be very expensive to pay for content generation. One of the tricks that we tell our clients for blogging is to just pick an article and write a paragraph or two summarizing it.

Even something like that can help keep your audience engaged and keep making sure the search engines know you’re there. When you’re keeping a tight lid on the budget this can be a fantastic way to effectively manage your content strategy. Even just taking the basic post and sharing it in your companies social media feed, you are well on your way as a blogger.

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