When we meet with clients and discuss SEO strategies there is always a question raised of how it works. What does SEO in 2019 look like? Why is it expensive and why is so important? Can’t I just put the weather and NFL scores on my site to drive traffic? First off, NO do not put anything on your site that isn’t part of your core competency.

The challenge in digital marketing and website development is always finding ways to explain the incredibly complex and make it as simple as understandable as possible. There is no exception when it comes to SEO in 2019. There really isn’t any other topic that generates as much confusion or skepticism when it comes to web development as SEO. In this post we’ll try to make it as easy to understand without being patronizing.

what are you selling, anyway?

The first thing someone has to understand when building a website for themselves or a third party when a new website is being built is what is their business all about. What are they offering. We often run into too many people who try to be everything for everyone on their site. You should be able to tell people about your company in a brief “elevator pitch” in real life, and you should also be able to sum up your business offerings with 2-3 keywords/phrases.

Meaning, if you are a plumber don’t pontificate about the meaning of life, make sure you have 2-3 pages of products and services on your site. Keep it simple, and make sure that a potential customer knows exactly what your company sells.

Don’t get cute

One of the biggest mistakes new site’s and site developers make regarding SEO is to try to sneak something past the search engines. Google gives very specific rules and ideas behind what they are looking for on a website. You will not be able to fool them by keyword stuffing your pages, or trying to use transparent font to write your website name 50 times on each page. Consult a professional if you are worried your site falls into this category, we are experts at following the rules.

content, content, content!

Ultimately the best way to build your ongoing SEO strategy is with a well executed content marketing plan (read: blog). By providing multiple posts every month you will really provide excellent reasons for the search engines to crawl your site and keep your ahead of your competitors if they aren’t providing content on their site. Plus you can take these blog posts and share them on social media for a targeted ad campaign or even make yourself a subject matter expert which will cause consumers to come back to your site for information until they are ready to buy.

In conclusion, SEO strategies are really important to design a new site and to provide an ongoing way to make sure your site ranks highly. Professionals like Prestige Marketing Advisors in are waiting to help you with this issue to make sure you follow these 3 simple rules.

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