Website Design in 2019: Part 3 – Content Marketing

In our two previous posts about Website design in 2019 we discussed content management systems as well as ADA compliance and SEO. In this installment we’ll get into how to utilize the website for promotion and marketing. In the more modern era of website execution and digital marketing strategies there are really two distinct paths you can follow. One is a traditional advertising approach (buying ads on various publishers) or content marketing.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is essentially the process of sharing materials (blogs, videos, photos) through various channels. The easiest example of this is exactly what we are doing right now. We wrote this blog and shared it on social media and other areas. If you are reading this you must have found our site and are now consuming our content.

Content marketing pieces are general much more informative and not “salesy”. For example if your business wants to promote a specific sale or product, it will probably make more sense to use a more traditional advertising approach in digital media. Writing a blog about it, or filming a video may not be the most effective way to go about it. Content marketing tries to create more of a brand, or a story about your company. Therefore creating a certain level of trust and authority of your brand so at a later date when someone is looking to pull the trigger and buy from someone, they reach out to you first.

What are the benefits

The biggest benefit is obviously this helps you sell in today’s world. Especially when trying to sell to a younger demographic, they are looking for more of a brand story than just buying a product from a nameless, faceless corporate entity. Content Marketing helps you tell your story and share it on various social channels. When you design your website in 2019 you have to have a blog and a blog strategy. Even if you choose not to blog, you still have a strategy, it’s to ignore the reality of today’s marketplace.

Make your blog sharable, and easily accessible in the main navigation of your site. When you share your content always make sure to include a catchy opening or call to action to get someone to click on it and read it. Our recommendation is to work with a professional firm like ours when designing a new website and we can make sure it is set up properly for an effective content marketing campaign. Contact us if you are interested in starting that process.

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