There are several updates to the most important methodologies regarding SEO in 2019 for this coming year. However the same basic tenants still hold true, content is king.

On-Site SEO

On site SEO in 2019 is still fairly consistent with previous years and follows the same concepts we have talked about on our blog before. Keeping up with ADA parameters is also going to be a major necessity. We have written many times about that subject as well. To learn more about it there are several other places to read on our site.

Other than ADA compliance on site SEO in 2019 will revolve around producing good relevant content on a consistent basis. We try to recommend our clients to write at least 300-500 words per blog post about a variety of topics. However the main goal of content is to provide a source of expertise to provide knowledge to prospective clients and to help set your self up as a resource and generate leads.

Off-Site SEO

Off site SEO in 2019 has changed somewhat in the more recent years. Social media metrics have become more and more important. This refers to the amount of views, shares likes etc on various social platforms. You must also make sure that your website is setup “behind the scenes” properly to highlight your social metrics to the search engines as they crawl your site. Another important component of off-site SEO in 2019 is to push out your content to various locations. For example medium, Quora, industry blogs etc.

To be a success in the field of SEO this coming year it is definitely an art and a science, and to become an expert it will take much more than reading a blog or two. More often than not you will need a partner like Prestige Marketing Advisors to manage your SEO program on a continual basis. We provide free audits and would love a chance to help your business asap.


  • SEO has transformed greatly now I believe rationalization is in making permanent guest posting links and making your social media signals as strong as possible so that your content gets naturally shared and you start building links and mentions all on their own, that is the biggest strength.

  • jparrish56

    Good point, there will always be strength in having a strong social presence and backlinks. Thank you for the comment Eliana.

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