The Digital Marketing “Black Box”

Digital Marketing

Have you ever gotten a monthly report from your ad vendor and felt more confused after reading it than before? If you’ve ever bought digital ads at any time, ever, I’m betting the answer is, all the time. This is typically done by design, and sometimes just done by accident. Either way you have found yourself in the digital marketing black box.

The largest publishers and media companies sell their own ads and that is how they make the majority of their revenue in the digital space. The name of the game for them is to just sell inventory, just like the dinosaurs still selling print ads and TV ads.

Traditional media companies and these publishers sell their ads based off of price or the “data” they use to target people on their site. That’s the only way they can really differentiate themselves. Don’t get me wrong, banner ads still have their place in the digital world, but the ROI just typically isn’t there. Especially when comparing to better targeted options on social media or pure content marketing.

It often is not in these companies best interest to provide you with an easy to understand report for your digital campaign. When it’s confusing without their “expertise” you can become more reliant on them and keep buying their inventory.

Our Solutions

One of the most utilized service we provide is audits of current and past ad campaigns. It usually only takes an hour or so to dig in and realize the typical ad campaign from most vendors are not performing to expectations and our clients really have been kept in the dark, and are never really given the key to unlock their campaigns true results.

At PMA we can unlock this knowledge and provide key analysis based on our 15+ year history of digital marketing analytics. See what some of our clients are saying about us, and contact us to get a free audit and let us help you unlock the digital marketing black box.

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