SEO in 2018

There have been several updates to SEO in 2018 and google’s PageRank algorithms this year. We found a few articles that discuss many of these updates and wanted to share with our readers.


In the old days, Google would analyze your page to see how many times you used a specific keyword. In other words, they focused 100% on your page’s content. So the Google spider would visit your page to check if your keyword appeared in your:

• Title tag
• Image ALT text
• Description tag
• H1 tag

To be fair, they still look at that stuff. But today’s Google is MUCH smarter than it used to be. So instead of only measuring content, they now focus on context.

Backlinko Article


There is a ton of detail to ranking in this world, to try and rank in Google’s results. But when we pull out, when we go broad, I think that just a few items, in fact just the nine we’ve got here can basically take you through the majority of what’s required to rank in the year ahead. So let’s dive into that.


Search Engine Journal

The question of the importance of SEO in 2018 rears its head at least once a year as folks scramble to understand what the channel means to their business and decide what they should invest in the coming year. The quick answer to that question is unequivocally “more than last year.”

As SEO becomes less of a black box for companies, the more they will invest year to year, which increases its importance in the marketing space and legitimizes it as a viable, ROI-driving channel.

Search Engine Journal

Prestige Marketing Advisors

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy takes all of the above discussed strategies to come up with a customized plan for each one of our clients. We focus on both on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site is geared towards creating fresh, professional content on your website. This includes writing blogs at various frequencies depending on the client requirements. In addition to blogs we will incorporate a content distribution strategy through various social and media channels.

Off-site focuses on creating a strong presence for the site in other reputable places online. This isn’t just old school, black hat link building, but an involved process that takes a quality over quantity approach.

Read more about us and reach out to discuss how we can make your site’s SEO the best it can be.

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