Twitter has always been somewhat of a mystery in the larger social media picture for many advertisers I talk to. They have heard of it and have mostly made fun of the premise. During its formative years, before the “witch hunts”, the platform was mostly sharing quips with friends and of course sharing food pics. Saturday Night Live even made fun of the hashtag phenomenon, wherein people spoke in “hashtags” in real life and degraded normal conversation even more than we’ve already accepted.

However partly due to certain elections and political development over the last couple of years, Twitter has shifted quite a bit towards a more trusted source of news and information sharing than it ever had been. (source)

Smart people have said correlation doesn’t equal causality for decades and this certainly fits, but Twitter advertising revenue and effective marketing promotion results have skyrocketed in the last two years.

This presents an interesting opportunity for marketers and their advertising clientele. In the past twitter ads were ignored and performed relatively poorly for traditional businesses. As people interact more and more with traditional media sources, effective twitter campaigns can pay off big time.

Traditionally cost per conversion or acquisition is considerable less on twitter than Facebook, and twitter’s targeting methodologies are almost as strong. As Facebook’s data policies and never ending political partisanship escalate in the news, Twitter is turning into a diamond in the rough and you should be advertising on it.

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