13 Reasons Why….You Need to Increase Social Media Advertising

Going viral is something that can happen for almost anything to these days. It refers to a message or video posted online by someone or a company that gains so much traction online and in social media that it spreads like a virus. Last year a show on Netflix “13 reasons why” went viral due to its’ subject matter.

Social media spend in ads has grown to $15B this year and all metrics show it growing even more next year.

Social Media Ad Spending

One of the reasons these shows gain such a following is due to social media. 13 reasons why got over 3.5 million tweets in the first week it was released. Social media creates an incredible ecosystem for fans of content to live in. This creates a highly trackable audience that can be segmented later on.

If your brand needs to have its’ message in front of teen girls than utilizing fans of “13 reasons” and shows like it would be a great way to target that audience. This trackability is one of the great reasons why social advertising is here to stay and needs to be a bigger part of your ad budget.

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