There was a growing trend in the world that many of us were completely unaware of, even as we did it ourselves. As our lives changed and we became more and more dependent on our phones we started getting more and more in return. The ability for governments to send out alerts and warnings in real time, for families to communicate with loved ones in time of emergency, and for marketers to share their thoughts with the world on a weekly basis in a great blog.

The internet started as a new way to communicate and eventually became popularized in playing games on a phone, or by immediately looking up the answers to strange questions during conversations with our friends or families, in real time annoyance. While all this change was happening, what seems so trivial has actually become unavoidably a need. Imagine losing your phone for a few hours, now imagine being without the internet for several days.

People may lose touch with you and think something terrible has happened. Your Twitter followers may go into shock if they don’t see pictures of your daily lunch (actually no one wants to see that anymore, so stop it).

Countries around the world are laying down free WiFi for all their citizens. Cable companies are racing each other to lay down fiber optics to reach people in every community under the sun. Fairly soon the internet will probably be treated like a utility, it’s that important. That’s the real Revolution, it’s now actually too important to be without. It’s not just a joke anymore. The revolutionary steps that have take place have made the internet more than just FarmVille or tweeting great articles about content marketing or video marketing.

As marketers there is an incredible opportunity to make sure we are apart of this new world. Even though digital marketing has been around for well over two decades now, the place we are at right now is still pretty new. The necessity of the internet is not going away any time soon. It will be important for companies not take advantage of this opportunity and listen to the consumers and what they tell us. AdBlockers are the least of our worries, people could completely lose faith in the online advertising world and then we’d all be out of the job. Contact us today to find out a way to stay engaged with your customers and keep their trust.

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