The Social Network Redux

The award winning movie The Social Network was a mostly, half-true story about the creation of Facebook. It was a decently received movie with critics enjoying it more than most of America but that is fairly common with Sorkin scripts.

However what it unquestioningly got right was the story about young college “computer nerds” having no real idea what they were getting themselves into and creating one of the biggest companies in the history of the world. It’s current market capitalization is double the GDP of New Zealand.

The country saw this story come to life recently as Facebook’s CEO and anti-hero of “The Social Network”, Mark Zuckerberg testify in front of congress. As Mark tries to explain the basic ad-supported fermium business model to the most powerful members of our government, it wasn’t hard to see the character of Mark Zuckerberg back in the law offices battling multiple lawsuits in the aforementioned film.

I couldn’t help but see the obvious through line from the original movie now playing out as reality in front of our eyes. Real life Mark Zuckerberg was more or less a caricature of himself at this point. But the ending of this story hasn’t quite been written yet. While Facebook has captured the world’s attention and time (average person in the world spends an hour a day) it is dangerously close to a regulatory overhaul. While Mark and his friends started the company drunk in a college dorm room the world today has a real reliance on this company and the marketing world has a digital data dependency .

Facebook has a lot of decisions to make coming up; privacy concerns leading the list of potential spoilers. While Sorkin was able to prose his way through the complex history of Zuckerberg, reality may be ordering a rewrite very soon.

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