The Evolution of Video Marketing

From the early “Mad Men” days of video advertising, people could immediately tell the impact. For obvious reasons seeing the products interact with real people made more of an impact on the audience. Seeing that mustang drive down the road to the newest music, seeing those teenagers in a hill singing about Coke convinced enough companies to massively expand their ad budgets into video advertising.

This medium continued to grow on broadcast television until the 1980s when cable tv began to become somewhat of a threat. However the giants in the tv advertising world scoffed at the new kids on the block (the band and the new video medium) and many in the broadcast world didn’t correctly adjust to the booming cable tv craze and lost a lot of clients.

Fast forward to the late 90s and early aughts when the rapid growth of the internet began to take hold. By this time video content just started to find its new home online and the big broadcast and cable companies again ignored the future staring at their face.

In 2018 it is stunning to look back at the major players refusal to adapt and jump on the internet opportunity as the fast majority of people consume content on a mobile device or through a streaming on demand service like Netflix or Hulu. Broadcast television is near total irrelevancy and cable tv isn’t far behind. There are only a few smart telecom companies that have realized this folly and are attempting to address it by offering their pay cable services through their own apps.

The lesson in all of this is that video marketing will change again and it will change in another drastic way. Who knows if this means watching video through an improved version of a google glass device, or even an implant. While we can’t totally predict the future we can at least see the obvious in the present. If you are not actively adjusting your online video strategy you are doing a major disservice to your company.

Make no mistake, everyone has an online video strategy. Having no plan and not doing anything is still a strategy. Working with a firm like ours will help you understand your strategy in its current state and we can help you make it better. Imagine 5 years from now, if you aren’t aren’t a leader in your industry regarding online video marketing you are the equivalent of Don Draper in the 60’s telling Jaguar they only need to run print and to stay off television all together.

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