The Digital Marketing Tool Belt

There are many different strategies and tactics in the “digital marketing tool belt” to consider when coming up with a plan. The same can be said of any marketing plan when you look at traditional approaches as well. However, there are far more ways of targeting with a digital campaign compared to traditional media. Television, radio and print are all pretty much top of the funnel solutions meant to hit ad wide of an audience as possible. In the digital world you can do something big and bold, or hit a certain targeted list of people via a social media ad platform.

When considering what tool to use many people can become overwhelmed and did themselves paralyzed by all the different options. There are some simple ways to slow down the panic and carefully find your desired campaign.

First, you have to identify the purpose of the campaign. Do you want to directly find customers and drive up sales right away or are you just trying to send a lot of traffic to your site to drive awareness of your company? When you come up with the ultimate end result the next thing you need to consider is audience.

Identifying your target audience is the most important and crucial part of utilizing the digital marketing tool belt. If you misjudge who your audience is your ads will go to the wrong people and you will not drive the results you need to be successful. Market research or using your current website analytics tools are great ways to identify your audience. If you can view data on conversions that take place on your site already you can help find demographics associated with those people which can influence your campaign’s target audience.

When you have your audience selected and the campaigns goals you can now more effectively find the tactics you need to deploy. If looking for branding and more top of the funnel pre-roll and typical static display marketing can be more effective if you are looking got target people who attend specific events every month, or shop at your competitor geofencing could be a perfect fit. Reaching people who are looking for your services in the moment can be done by utilizing a search engine marketing plan or even social media.

No matter the execution you have to have strong analytics and reporting on the backend to make sure you can identify the traffic that came from each tactic and easily judge how that traffic performed. A great way to do that is to use the UTM feature in Google Analytics. There are other good strategies discussed in our blog and feel free to contact us for an estimate and to discuss any complex campaigns you may need.

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