How to Train Your Website

One of the biggest challenges that businesses have today is managing all aspects of their website. First, you have to have a good website, and what does that even mean?  Building a website is one of the most important and difficult things that a business has to go through. That is why hiring firms like ours can be helpful. However, even some firms disagree with each other; some say the simpler the site the better, some want to over-stuff your site with keywords and content to try to trick Google to rank your site higher.

The bottom line is that building a “good” site is an art form much more than a science in this technological age we find our selves in. All of that being said most professional firms today will build you a good site that gives you a good base to start. Now what?

Now the real hard part can begin, figuring out what it is your website going to do for you? Your website is the window into your company. It is no surprise that the vast majority of consumers research online before making a purchase, no matter if that transaction takes place virtually or in a retail environment. At the very least, your site needs to make your business look professional, stable and provide a little insight into who is running the place. Time and time again on website analytics reports we find that the “about us” page that describes senior management has the most traffic.

The next purpose for your site is to act as a lead generation tool. This can be accomplished through a number of ways. The important thing is to always provide an easy way for a site visitor to “convert” and become a lead. Having a website contact form on several pages of your site, make sure your phone number is prominent so people can call if interested, and link to your contact us page in your content.

The “training” of your website can really be done with a few simple, yet direct, actions when the site is being designed. Whomever you work with make, sure that they at least provide a good view into your business and allow an easy path for conversions. If you have any further questions or are interested in a free estimate from us, please fill out the simple form below.

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