The Future of Display Advertising

For as long as we have been involved in digital advertising and ad placement, we have all had to deal with banner advertising. From the consumer side banner ads have often been considered objectionable. There have even been entire industries created specifically to find ways to prevent these types of ads from being seen. We as digital advertisers really only have ourselves to blame. With downward pressure on ad cost many in our industry have gone bottomfeeding. Searching for those $1 CPMs to win a contract without really considering what those types of ads will become.

The pendulum is now swinging in the other direction so advertisers and marketing agencies have discovered what the general public already know and have been telling us. Intrusive banner advertising is over. Checking website analytics prove this as you can continue to see performance and conversions plummet.

As of last year, digital display ad spending has been shifting considerably towards premium ad content such as video. In fact video advertising has now surpassed that of traditional banner display advertising. It will not be surprising to see how those in the digital marketing space react by trying to find cheaper, sneakier forms of video advertising. However we should have learned our lesson and will be more careful. There is something to say about driving more engaging content in a longer form video ad, and conversion stats seem to back it up.

The future of digital marketing is pretty up in the air, however the future of display advertising is pretty clear. Just follow what consumers are telling us and make sure to take their advice because as we have seen, when consumers dislike advertising methodologies they will be less likely to become your customer.

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