This question is probably one of the most common that we have come across in the past ten years we’ve been doing SEO. One of the biggest hurdles for businesses gaveling an effective SEO strategy or partner is the answer to this question. The fact that it is a very simple question that demands an incredibly nuanced and complex answer makes this a subject that quickly puts people to sleep or to ignore it altogether.

The short answer is quite simple; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is the process that helps a website appear higher (optimized) on various search engines. Google is by far the king of all search engines, but Bing and Yahoo are still important to pay attention to.

The easiest version of the complicated answer is that SEO is an organized symphony of several different instruments that must all play together at the right tempo and the correct pitch. The most important instrument is content development. The search engines love websites that are constantly updating and putting out great content. That could mean a blog like this one, or even a shorter feed of product updates, before/after project images or even just posting an article and summarizing it. As long as content is free flowing your site will reap the rewards. Not only having the content written but how it is formatted on the page is incredible important as well.

Some other important instruments you must use as social media interaction, creating a large network of backlinks (reputable sites that put your website link within its own pages), and finally having your business information registered on many business registers.

SEO is something that businesses can try to do themselves, for example you can try to teach yourself guitar or piano. However, to really have an effective SEO platform you should really hire a professional like Prestige Marketing Advisors. Feel free to contact us and find out more and get a free estimate.

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